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About This Website

This is the Linlithgow Planning Forum website.  Membership of Linlithgow Planning Forum is open to all organisations in Linlithgow that support its aims.  Its purpose is to discuss planning matters that affect Linlithgow, good and bad, and to seek a concensus view.  We strive towards a shared vision for the burgh, promoted through the publication of an agreed Local Area Development Plan for Linlithgow and by influencing the West Lothian Local Development Plan to guide future development in a way that will safeguard the environment and heritage and allow social and economic development.

Our main aim is to produce, maintain and promote an holistic plan for Linlithgow, based on the ecpressed wishes of its inhabitants.  Its aim is to influence West Lothian Council’s Local Area Plan and to tackle Linlithgow’s problems.  You can download the current version (Updated February 2016) below.  Comments are welcome and can be emailed to

We aim to provide information on current planning issues and to include agreed Planning Forum documents, including policies, plans and minutes of our meetings.

Use the menus above and to the right to navigate throughout the site.

We have asked for views in relation to the emerging West Lothian Local Plan.  Please download the two page MS Word  questionnaire and let us have your views.  Completed questionnaires can be handed in to Linlithgow Library or e-mailed to

Based on consultation, the Linlithgow Planning Forum has submitted a response to the MIR.

There is more information about the Development Plan process here.

Comments on current developments, policies and plans and this website are not only welcome but are actively encouraged.  Submit them to

Current Linlithgow Planning Forum members are:

The views expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of individual member organisations.

The Planning Forum is sponsored by the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council, which has a statutory right to be consulted on planning applications within the town.  The Community Council takes the recommendations of the Planning Forum as a major input to its deliberations.  Other member organisations make their own representations on planning applications.

This website was set up on behalf of Linlithgow Planning Forum by Iain Paton and is now maintained by John Aitken, of Linlithgow Civic Trust.