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Planning Forum


The aim of the Linlithgow Planning Forum is to discuss planning matters that affect Linlithgow, good and bad, and to seek a concensus view.  We strive towards publishing a shared vision for the burgh that will guide future development in a way that will safeguard the environment and heritage and allow social and economic development.

The Planning Forum is sponsored by the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council, which has a statutory right to be consulted on planning applications within the town.  The Community Council takes the recommendations of the Planning Forum as a major input to its deliberations.  Other member organisations make their own representations on planning applications.


Current members of the Linlithgow Planning Forum are: Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council (L&LBCC); Linlithgow Civic Trust (LCT); Linlithgow Business Association (LBA); Transition Linlithgow (TL), Linlithgow Community Development Trust (LCDT)  and Linlithgow Cycle Action Group (LCAG).  It regularly reports to the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Town Management Group (L&LBTMG).  The views expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of individual member organisations.


Documents provided here may be freely copied and distributed.  They are liable to frequent change.  We will try to make the latest version available here and to identify revisions.  They are either in MS Word “.doc”  or Adobe PDF format, both of which should be widely readable and printable.  Older documents are located in the Document Archive.

Policy Documents and Plans are approved Planning Forum documents which are available for guidance and comment.  They are dynamic and are liable to be updated regularly, as we process input received and agree on new policies and plans.


The Planning Forum meets whenever its members feel is necesary.  Anyone wanting to attend a meeting should e-mail stating which organisation they represent and what they want to discuss.  If it is relevant, we will add your topic to the agenda and let you know the place, time and date of the next meeting.


Minutes of our meetings are published here for your information.  The most recent minutes (at the top of the list) may be draft minutes, which are subject to change before adoption.

Earlier minutes are held in the Document Archive.


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